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Veolia, TotalEnergies to launch recycling initiative in UAE

This collaborative effort will involve recycling of lubricant containers into recycled High Density Polyethylene (rHDPE) .

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January 29 2024
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French utility major Veolia has forged a new partnership with TotalEnergies Marketing Middle East (TEMME), a unit of global multi-energy company TotalEnergies, to launch its new recycling initiative in UAE.

Veolia will be deploying its digital recycling solution Recapp to help TotalEnergies optimise its end-of-life product recovery and recycling process at its TMME service centres, according to a press statement. 

This collaborative effort will involve recycling of over 40,000 lubricant containers per year through shredding with oil containment separation process, followed by processing, grinding and transforming them into recycled High Density Polyethylene (rHDPE) plastics, ready as secondary raw material produced by eCyclex - a Dubai Municipality approved recycling facility.

According to Veolia, it is a pilot project, with plans to extend the concept to a larger array of service centres in the future. It contributes to global efforts on transformation toward circularity and closing the plastic loop. In particular, it contributes to UAE's efforts to curb plastic pollution. 

Jérôme Viricel, General Manager of Recapp at Veolia Near & Middle East, said: "We are thrilled to formalise this important partnership and launch our new recycling initiative. While utilizing Recaap's years of expertise in the field, the initiative will further promote the recyclability of empty plastic lubricant containers sold by TotalEnergies' service center partners by helping to divert these containers from landfills and repurpose them in a new way, boosting broader recycling initiatives in the country."

"It’s an important step towards promoting sustainable practices and addressing environmental challenges in the UAE, particularly as the country observed 2023 as the Year of Sustainability and hosted COP28 two months ago," he stated.

Thomas Vigneron, Managing Director at TotalEnergies Marketing Middle East, said: "As a responsible multi-energy company, TotalEnergies continuously strives to encourage the adoption of responsible waste management practices."

"With Recapp, TotalEnergies aims to work with our network of service centers to promote a circular economy for plastics, optimize waste management in the region and align with the UAE Circular Economy Policy 2021 – 2031," he added.